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[RC] phpBB3 Social Network 0.5.0

Postby Kamahl » Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:05 am

MOD Title: phpBB3 Social Network
MOD Version: 0.5.0

MOD Descripiont: The phpBB3 Social Network is modification for phpBB3 boards, which turns your board to full valued social network software. This modification is modular based, it means admin can switch on/off each module.
PhpBB3 Social Network will create your own small "Facebook" page with all main features of social network such as : extended profiles with all informations about person, personal galleries, user statuses with comments, Friends approval system with friendlist, main page looking like facebook main page, private Instant messenger, creating events and inviting others, writing own blogs, notifications about your friends activities, "sharing" and "likeing" (statuses, videos, images, events etc.) and more.
Installation of phpbb3 Social Network takes only a minute. You just have to copy all new files to your phpbb root path, modify few template files and run database update script.
Social Network is AutoMOD friendly, it means, you can install it with AutoMOD in few seconds.

Works with: phpBB 3.0.8 (prosilver, subsilver2 later)
Language: English

Authors: Kamahl, Culprit

License: GNU General Public License v2

MOD Format: MODx

Features list:
User wall (statuses in profiles) - screen obrazky/wall.png
- user can write his status
- others can comment his statuses
- display 10 statuses in profile, each with 3 last comments
- load more statuses when clicked on Older statuses or when you scrolled to the bottom of the page
- load more comments when you click on Load more commentsä
- display avatar and nick in each status and comment
- display how long ago the status or comment was posted

Instant Messenger (Facebook chat) - screen obrazky/im.png

- display your online friends with avatars in online list
- display which users are online (activity last 5 minutes) and which are idle (logged in but not active last 5 minutes)
- when the community is small, admin can decide and set in ACP, if users can chat only with friends or with all members
- open chatbox automaticly when the message is sent and received
- use smilies and parse URLs
- display how long ago the message was sent

Friends approval system - obrazky/fas.png

- you can send request, when you want to add new friend
- you can approve or ignore friend requests
- you can manage your friends
- display your friendlist in your profile
- possibility to add / remove friend via user's profile or in each post they have posted in board
- display friends of your friends, something like People you could know

Mainpage (facebook mainpage) - screen obrazky/mp.png
- displays what has happend in last time
- show all statuses of your friends
- display note that your friend has added some other user to his friends
- display note that your user has created a topic in the board
- display much more if you have installed other modules such as Groups, Events, Photos, Blogs and more (other modules are in development)
- load more records when click on Load more or when you scroll to the bottom of the page
- show online list of your users - click on one and open chat box with him
- possibility to search in board
- show people you may know - friends of your friends
- show Recent discussion - last posts in board
- show your friend request, requests to events, groups etc (if installed modules groups, events and more)
- possibility to write status throught the Mainpage

- Mainpage obrazky/mp.png
- User wall obrazky/wall.png
- Instant messenger obrazky/im.png
- Friends approval system obrazky/fas.png
- ACP obrazky/acp.png


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