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[RC8] Classifieds MOD

Postby Kamahl » Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:19 pm

MOD Title: Classifieds MOD
MOD Version:

MOD Descripiont [EN]: This MOD adds classifieds / advertisement to your board. You can sell or buy products, items, services.
MOD Descripiont [SK]: Táto modifikácia pridá Inzerciu / Burzu na phpbb3 fórum. Môžete cez neho predávať a nakupovať produkty.

Works with: phpBB 3.0.7-PL1 (prosilver)
Language: English

Author: Kamahl

License: GNU General Public License v2

Features list:
- add your own classified ads (title, description, short description, thumbnail, images of product, your paypal email, phone number)
- upload images of products and thumbnails
- search advertisements
- comments on advertisements
- reporting problematic advertisements
- display recent ads on index
- display random ads on index
- option to divide ads to many categories, created in ACP
- "Add this" button to add the classifieds to your social networks
- possibility to choose an ad prefix ([WTB] - wanted to buy, [S] - for sale, [T] - for trade, [S/T] - for sale or trade, [FREE] - for free)
- search ads according by their prefix
- advertisers can set how long will be their ad active
- RSS feeds about new ads
- display 3 types of rules (general, for buyers and for sellers)
- lightbox for images
- possibility to subscribe category to receive emails when a new ad is added to that cat
- select which Custom profile fields will show in advertisements
- archive of all expired, closed and sold advertisements
- block of random ads in Classifieds index
- block of hot (most viewed) ads in Classifieds index
- block of Advertiser's ads on single ad page

ACP features:
- you can enable / disable almost everything
- manage categories
- manage ads (active, closed, sold, expired)
- manage user's ads
- purging expired, sold, closed and active ads via ACP
- purging categories via ACP
- manage Recent ads blocks, Random ads blocks and Advertiser's ads blocks
- manage Trading rules, Rules for buyers and Rules for sellers via ACP
- set the required number of posts to create ads
- set the required number of posts to view ads
- set if Location field has to be filled to create ads
- permissions for users to view, create, delete, extend and edit their own ads
- permissions for moderators to edit, delete and move ads

UCP features:
- choose if you want to by notified by email or PM when new Ad is created in your subscribed category

Future features:
Please write all your ideas and proposals.
- checkboxes for each ad in acp (for deleting and extending)
- admin can create more fields for ads
- Auction system (canceled, because I will create a new Auction MOD)
- possibility to add good or bad points and comments after trade (canceled, only for the upcoming Auction MOD)
- connect with paypal (http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... t=2097006& ) - users have credits for creating ads, highliting ads, biger thumbnails, showing ad in special block etc (will be released as addon)

To-do list
- rework checking expired ads
- rework searching ads
- fix redirecting after login form

MOD Format: MODx

If you want to upgrade from Classifieds 0.8.0 to 0.9.0, please read the instructions in contrib folder.
There are xml files to upgrade from Classifieds 0.9.0 to



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