Buttons menu 1.1.0

[en] Menu for phpbb3 (similar to phpbb.com menu) fully adjustable via ACP
[sk] Modifikácia na pridanie plne nastaviteľného menu cez ACP pod headerom

Re: Buttons menu 1.1.0

Postby timapny » Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:33 pm

After finding the directions for the "Additional MODX Files" I have my button menu up and running. I had to open the directions through Dreamweaver, then hit preview in my browser... for some reason that was the only way I could view the direction. After that it was quick and easy.

I'm missing the icon for the search option but I'm working on that and is a small thing I can live with it if it is not there.

Love the MOD Thanks.

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