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[BETA] Instant Messenger + User status MOD 0.4.3

Postby Kamahl » Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:45 am

MOD Title: Instant Messenger + User status MOD
MOD Version: 0.4.3

MOD Descripiont: The Instant Messenger (based on php and jQuery) looks like facebook chat and has many features (check features list). The part of this MOD is also User status with function similar to facebook status. This MOD has also next features like New posts on index etc. (check features list). New feature is that you can chat only with users who are your friends (you can add friends via user's profil page). This feature could be disabled via ACP in next release.
MOD Descripiont [SK]: Tento chat je postavený na AJAXe a jQuery. Vyzerá ako chat na facebooku a má veľa ďalších možností (pozrite si zoznam vlastností). Modifkácia obsahuje aj Užívateľské statusy a ďalšie možnosti. Nová funkcia tejto modifikácie je, že chatovať môžete iba s užívateľmi, ktorí sú vaši priatelia. Priateľa si môžete pridať cez profil užívateľa.

Works with: phpBB 3.0.7-PL1 (prosilver and also subsilver2 based styles)
Language: English

Author: Kamahl, Culprit

License: GNU General Public License v2

Features list:
Chat Features:
- online list with avatars and indicator of status of user/friends (online or away) 100%
- chat is similar to facebook chat 100%
- possibility to collapse chat 100%
- chating with offline users (message will be read when user log in) 100%
- play a sound when a message arrives 100%
- support RTL languages 100%

Bottom bar:
- online list with avatars and indicator of status of user/friends (online or away) 100%
- user status like facebook status (max 512 chars, displayed on view profile and view topic) 100%
- login / logout box 100%
- google and board search box 100%
- last x posts box 100%
- private messages box 100%

- buttons Add friend and Remove friend in viewtopic.php 100%
- friend list in your profile 100%
- possibility to "View your friends posts" 100%
- approval system for friends (you can accept or decline others who want to became your friend) 100%
- option to chat only with friends (set in ACP) 100%

ACP features:
- enable/disable chat 100%
- chat only with online users v. 0.5.0
- permissions which users/groups can chat v. 0.5.0
- permissions which users/groups can have user status v. 0.5.0
- set that only friends will be shown in online list for chat 100%
- prune all messages 100%
- enable/disable google search box 100%
- enable/disable login box 100%
- enable/disable private messages box 100%
- enable/disable Last x posts box 100%
- enable/disable user statuses 100%
- enable/disable displaying statuses on viewtopic 100%
- something like version checker to be informed about new version of this MOD v. 0.5.0
- amount of new posts 100%
- enable / disable friend list 100%
- enable / disable "View your friends posts" 100%

UCP features:
- disable chat 100%
- hide for all in online list v. 0.6.0
- only friends can contact me 100%
- only friends can see your status v. 0.6.0
- foes cant see your status v. 0.6.0

Profile features:
- user note in profile 100%
- friend list in your profile 100%

Bugs to fix:
- horizontal scrollbar when 5 and more chat boxes are opened 0%

MOD Format: MODx



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