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[BETA] Classifieds MOD 0.9.1

Postby Kamahl » Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:46 am

MOD Title: Classifieds MOD
MOD Version: 0.9.1

MOD Descripiont [EN]: This MOD adds classifieds / advertisement to your board. You can sell and buy some products. This is Classifieds MOD by platinum_2007 who abandoned it a year ago, so I decided to continue developing and fix many bugs, add new features and remove some useless things.
MOD Descripiont [SK]: Táto modifikácia pridá Inzerciu / Burzu na phpbb3 fórum. Môžete cez neho predávať a nakupovať produkty. Táto modifikácia bola pôvodne vyvíjaná užívateľom platinum_2007, ktorý vývoj ukončil a zanechal modifikáciu v zlom stave. Preto som sa rozhodol pokračovať vo vývoji, opraviť chyby, pridať nové funkcie a zrušiť zbytočnosti.

Works with: phpBB 3.0.7-PL1 (prosilver)
Language: English

Author: Kamahl

License: GNU General Public License v2

Features list:
- add your own classified ads (title, description, thumbnail, images of product, your paypal email, phone number)
- upload images of products and thumbnails
- search active, expired, sold, closed ads
- comments on ads
- display recent ads on index

ACP features:
- you can enable / disable almost everything
- write rules for trading
- manage categories
- manage ads

UCP features:
- enable Email on new classifieds ads
- enable "Display recent ads on index"

Future features:
Please write all your ideas and requirements.
- subscribe category 0%
- lightbox 0%
- in ACP, set 0 days when you dont want let ads to expire
- move Ads from one category to another via ACP
- area for sold ads with possibility to prune

To-Do list:
- all future features
- delete uploaded images after deleting it's ad

MOD Format: MODx

If you want to upgrade from Classifieds 0.8.0 to 0.9.0, please read the instructions in contrib folder.
There is a xml file to upgrade from Classifieds 0.9.0 to 0.9.1.



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